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Secret Place: A Ballet by Miro Magloire at Mark Morris Dance Group (Site)

Friday April 19, 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

$28.52 – $42.39

New Chamber Ballet presents Secret Place, an hour-long ballet choreographed by Miro Magloire to music by Reiko Fueting, Johann Sebastian Bach, and Johann Paul von Westhoff.


Secret Place is a tribute to the power of the group: a casual gathering of five humans dancing in a clockwork-like synergy – delicate, bold, sometimes risky, always with spine-tingling elegance. One moment they’re daringly perched on their pointe shoes, or hover on top of one another in a lift; then suddenly they drop to the floor to slither along the ground.


Reiko Fueting’s music, which will be performed live, magically weaves traditional sounds with cutting-edge techniques, building a bridge from the Baroque to today. It is paired with two iconic Baroque violin pieces: Westhoff’s Imitazione Delle Campane, and Bach’s Chaconne.


Secret Place is performed in New Chamber Ballet’s signature, in-the-round setup, with the audience seated up-close and able to see the kaleidoscopic choreography from various angles.


“Secret Place is unusually accessible, extraordinarily lyrical, and one of the highlights of the dance year… [the dancers] danced exceptionally well… a wonderful ballet, one that I can highly recommended seeing should it return…” (Jerry Hochman, CriticalDance.org, 2022)


Performers include the dancers Anabel Alpert, Megan Foley, Amber Neff, Rachele Perla, and Kayla Schmitt; as well as Doori Na (violin) and Seth Schultheis (piano).

The performance will be 60 minutes, and there will be no intermission.