Shaking Off and Getting Ready for Recovery

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Emerging from the devastation inflicted on the New York City music performance scene will be a big job, and PIANYC is getting ready to resume its small part. Our readers have seen months of zombie listings for what were planned piano concerts that became canceled due to the pandemic. Thankfully spared by the infection, we have been fazed and even dazed, but we are waking up, clearing out the cobwebs and shaking our limbs. We have eliminated many canceled concert listings. And we have kept those still planned, mostly those at Carnegie Hall and Spectrum, venues that certainly are showing their optimism. We will be filling in new listings as they become available at the large public venues, the music schools, houses of worship, and all other NYC venues where we can find public piano performances. We will keep our ears open for online performances that have specific appeal to New Yorkers.

When looking at one of our event listings, please make sure to click the link to the host-venue website, to make sure the event is still planned:

Stay healthy, and hope with us for a speedy return of the sound of the keys out in public.