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Jung Stratmann Quartet with Steve Cardenas and Marko Djordjevic at Groove (Site)

Sunday May 5, 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm


Jung Stratmann Quartet with Steve Cardenas and Marko Djordjevic

Home in the concrete jungle of New York City and inspired by the eclectic cultural mix of their

tumultuous surroundings this young Contemporary Jazz duo is aiming for nothing less than

bringing the realities of who they truly are to each and every single one of their performances.

With a strong focus on empathy and their unifying approach on improvisation, in which every

member is at all times allowed to do whatever they want, they infuse their music with a

powerful liveliness that can be experienced up close in their heartfelt recordings and concerts.

Hailing from two different countries (South Korea, Germany) and influenced by the large

cultural, racial and gender diversity they were involved with during their studies at The New

School in Manhattan, New York, Sujae Jung’s and Wolf Robert Stratmann’s compositions and

improvisations promote equality in every way. Sujae Jung (piano) and Wolf Robert Stratmann

(Double Bass) met first during the beginning of their Jazz Bachelor studies The Hague NL in

2019 and have been playing and growing together ever since. With the addition of drums and

guitar now they form a new exciting Jazz Quartet. Collectively they let their individual artistic

heritages, the imagery of their homeland’s vast landscapes and their love for the discovery of

the unknown whirl together, transcend cultural barriers and ultimately further the cause of the

life enhancing and unifying spirit of jazz music.