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Concert: Heidi Krenn at Austrian Cultural Forum New York (Site)

Thursday May 16, 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm


Join for an evening where jazz transcends music to become a narrative, as Austrian vocalist Heidi Krenn takes the stage together with pianist Ray Gallon and Cameron Brown on the bass. This trio doesn’t just perform; they tell stories. Their concert is more than a musical journey—it’s an exploration of jazz’s enduring legacy. Experience the intimacy of voice, piano, and bass in a dialogue that redefines the timeless allure of jazz.

About the Event

In the intimate world of jazz, where every note tells a story, Heidi Krenn emerges as a narrator of hidden depths and nuances. Her voice, rich with emotive power, weaves through the complex tapestry of jazz history, bringing fresh perspective to the venerated traditions. Alongside her are Ray Gallon on piano and Cameron Brown on bass, each a master in their own right, creating a musical conversation that transcends the notes on the page. Their setlist, a curated blend of the Great American Songbook and pieces by jazz luminaries like Kenny Dorham and Abbey Lincoln, is not merely performed but reinvented, offering a narrative that unfolds with each chord. This trio doesn’t just play music; they engage in a dialogue with their audience, inviting them into a shared journey of discovery and introspection.