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Carnegie Hill Concerts Presents: Music by Yoon-Ji Lee, gamin, KiYoung Kim at New York Manhattan Church of the Advent Hope Seventh-day Adventist Church (SDA) (Site)

Tuesday June 27, 2023, 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm


Carnegie Hill Concerts presents: Yoon-Ji Lee, gamin, KiYoung Kim and String Noise

Carnegie Hill Concerts presents: Quiet Revolution

STRING NOISE (Conrad Harris, Pauline Kim Harris, Violins)

Yoon-Ji Lee, Electronics

gamin, Piri and Saenghwang

KiYoung Kim, Piano

gamin and I discussed the interplay and intersection of the triple bill with the three very ecclectic Korean composers that will be presented on this program. It feels truly like a crossroads of classical new music, jazz, theater and improvisation rooted in the sounds of traditional Korean music. – Pauline Kim Harris

A Woman is about the exploration of the self’s relationship to the self through dramatizing the following question: “What is the dialogue we have with ourselves?” “What do you see by yourself” “Who we are?” “What are we looking for?” – gamin

In my new piece, String Noise, gamin, and the voice recordings of Korean comfort women will encounter and be merged with each other to document and deliver the forgotten souls of Korean comfort women and the contemporary Korean society. – Yoon-Ji Lee

Quiet Revolution for Saenghwang and 2 violins:

Imagining different times and spaces of old Korea transforming contemporary music combined with the western instrument: the 2 violins with Korean instrument , Saehwang.

Where we are living in time and space is so different compared to old times. But the good human spirit and mind should be inherited all the way to the time when we are living now. It consists of five parts which lead to a slow part where different concepts of time and space meet. – KiYoung Kim


Yoon-Ji Lee NEW WORK for Two Violins, Saenghwang, and Electronics (2023)

gamin A Woman for Piri (2023)


Grace Court for Solo Violin (1996)

My musical thought to find myself in a new environment in New York in 1996.

Like the artisan practice of pulling a single thread from a silkworm

Azaleas for Two Violins (2018)

Musical meditation and recite the poem Azaleas by So Wol Kim

Quiet Revolution for Saenghwang and Two Violins (2018)

Improvisation of conflict, noise, and stillness

Quartet for Two Violins, Piri, and Piano (2023)

The piece is inspired by different ensembles with an eclectic sound—expressing the conflict, noise, and stillness with its characteristic improvisation.