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Music on the Brain: Music Swings the Mood at The National Jazz Museum in Harlem (Site)

Thursday May 23, 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Music on the Brain

Join for an unforgettable evening of jazz exploration as we delve deep into the emotional currents of music. We’ll discuss how people react emotionally to music, explore what makes certain melodies resonate with our souls, and unravel the intricate interplay between the musician’s intentions and the audience’s perception.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to gain new insights into the magic of music and its profound effect on our emotional landscape. Multi-instrumentalist, composer, and educator T.K. Blue will be joined by pianist Kelly Green and our guest speaker, Joy Reeve, accomplished author and music educator and final-year doctoral student in Music Education at Teachers College, Columbia University. Come hear a little jazz and take part in a conversation on music and the emotions it evokes.

Music on the Brain is a collaboration between the National Jazz Museum in Harlem and Columbia University’s Zuckerman Institute with the support of Jazz Foundation of America.